IndiaGlocal is the global home of Indian business ecosystem. It is a network for the most exemplary entrepreneurs, enablers, investors and other champions of Indian startup & small business ecosystem.

Proudly independent, collaborative and community driven, IndiaGlocal believes in the central role of India as an international business hub and champions this cause across the globe. We form the bridge which connects the local with the global.

What we do?

At IndiaGlocal we are obsessed about increasing the global footprint of Indian entrepreneurs and business ecosystem; and focus on providing local ideas, talent and solutions, a global exposure. We work with the ambition of taking Indian brands from local to global through collaborative partnership and global network.

Our mission focuses on:

  • Building international reputation of India's startup & small business ecosystem
  • Helping Indian entrepreneurs & business to access international markets & resources
  • Helping international audience to access & make most of Indian ecosystem
  • Fostering a culture of engagement & exchange between local & global players
  • Increasing global collaboration among innovators, entrepreneurs and academia

How we do it?

IndiaGlocal is a community led and community managed platform which enables exchange and interaction among business, entrepreneurs, collaborators and facilitators from India with their counterparts across the world.

IndiaGlocal enables a seamless and effective global exposure & engagement through three-pronged offering to all our members:

  • Membership Platform: Online platform enables members to showcase their business, engage directly with other members and stay updated on the activities across the global community. A feature rich and engagement enabled platform also provide members, a channel to seamlessly share their business updates, information & offering to the wider network.
  • Action Groups: IndiaGlocal Action Groups are tailored purpose driven community led by subject matter experts & business leaders who engage with the members seeking domain, industry and geography specific direction. Action groups also work towards developing collective strategy to promote the interest of the group and puts forward recommendations & best practice in the manner of an expert think tank.
  • Programs: In collaboration with our action group leaders, members and partners we develop programs – summits, workshops, international visits, events etc. as per the requirement and recommendation of our members to further their interest and experience.

Governance Board

Neelendra Nath

Sameer Gupta

Ankita Dey

Rajkishan Ganta