Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Ambassadors Program

1What is Campus Ambassador Program?

An IndiaGlocal campus ambassador is an extension of our Insider community on the campus. They help us understand the aspirations of the students on their campus, and also introduce them to opportunities that IndiaGlocal presents

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2Who is eligible for Campus Ambassador Program?

To become an IndiaGlocal campus ambassador, along with a keen interest in Indian economy, technology & business ecosystem; you need to be a full-time student in any academic program, be confident and willing to talk to a lot of people.

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3What are the selection criteria for Campus Ambassador Program?

Campus Ambassadors are selected through a two step process including online application followed by a round of interview. It is open to all students enrolled in any kind of full time academic program.

The key selection criteria are deep interest in learning about Indian economy & business ecosystem, self - drive and effective communication skills.

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4What is expected from a Campus Ambassador Program?

As campus ambassadors you will be the point of contact for students seeking information about IndiaGlocal opportunities. You will help in organizing mentoring sessions, trainings and other similar initiatives for your campus.

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5Is there a fees for Campus Ambassador Program?

No. There are absolutely no fee to the student to be part of the Campus Ambassador Program

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6Is Campus Ambassador Program an internship?